La Begona

Enchanted, private sixteen acre estate in Guatemala. La Begona, in the Mayan culture, means huge dense rain forest and there are more than 5,000 trees, many as old as 250 years. Ninety percent of these trees produce a wide variety of native fruits: 600 mangos, 50 avocados, 2,000 mameyes, 1,000 nisperos and many more. The five bedroom, four bathroom mansion with lots of windows was built in 2004. There is also an extensive gym, maid¹s separate house, a national approved helicopter pad, with plenty of space for a large swimming pool and tennis court. The estate has its own well water and springs. The compound is only five minutes from the city. This contemporary colonial grand estate is decorated with 17th Century English antique furniture which is included in the price. It is next to the Pan American Freeway, the Motagua River which is one of the tributaries to the Amazon River and the cordillera of the Andes Mountains next to the river. Temperatures are mild, similar to California¹s climate. The village of Saint Helen, with a population of approximately 900, is just 200 yards away and was named the safest village in all of Guatemala. Just five minutes away is the second richest economy town in the country with over a million people. There are theaters, a shopping mall and restaurants. This is primarily an agricultural area. Languages spoken are Spanish, English, Mayan and many dialects. The monetary exchange is quetzal and dollar.



Exclusively for Sale $2,000,000


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